Products and Services

Cloud Storage System

Project and Knowledge Management System

Sewage Plant Intelligent System

SBR Operating System

Cloud Instrument Data Processing and Calibration Management System

Water Recovery Center Data Dashboard

Smart Water Engineering and Management

Utilize IoT-enabled smart manhole water quality monitoring facilities to transmit water quality data to cloud platforms, allowing for real-time detection of abnormal sewer water quality and quantity. These mechanisms allow users to identify potential sources of contamination and predict wastewater quality, enabling early warning and response.

Continuous Water Quality Monitoring System

Water quality data collection system, average value calculation, event notification system, data format conversion, display on CWMS web-based graphical control system, water quality monitoring, and management.

Network Flow Monitoring System

We provide advanced FLO radar flow recorders powered by low-power batteries, wireless communication technology, and IP68 protective enclosures to monitor rain and sewage drainage systems, as well as water quality in pipeline networks, creating a comprehensive decision support system.

Smart Air Quality Monitoring

We have developed miniaturized and easy-to-use air quality sensors for IoT services, providing indoor monitoring and outdoor sensing applications.

Air Quality Monitoring and Data Analysis

Our information team has built the JUNO cloud system as a fundamental data collection package and continuously develops corresponding analysis functions, such as trend charts, wind rose diagrams, heat maps, and other customer-required charts, to meet market demands.

Equipment Automation Micro Energy Saving Control System

Introduce energy-saving concepts into intelligent environmental control buildings by integrating micro energy management systems and indoor air quality monitoring systems in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

AI Prediction

The team utilizes intelligent computing AI analysis to establish predictive models for occupational hazard estimation, employing statistical theories and machine learning methods to analyze highly complex data and extract valuable information, achieving effective model learning.

Data alert system

Quick and accurate response to environmental quality changes, providing high-value alerts through real-time or predictive analysis via LINE, email, or SMS.