Business Scope

Smart Water Services

Our company develops continuous water quality monitoring systems and provides services for intelligent wastewater treatment plants and other water-related systems.

Energy Technology

Through the integration of micro energy control boxes, we establish energy-saving effects quickly and effectively at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.

Information Software

Our professional information software team provides customized system services to meet different customer needs.

Environmental Monitoring

We develop sensors for air quality, water quality, and other applications. Our experienced construction team provides customers with the most comprehensive monitoring systems.

Smart Environment

We integrate environmental monitoring and equipment to provide services for smart buildings.

Consulting Services

Our professional environmental and information engineering team offers professional consulting services in various fields.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is the core value of our company. We assist governments and businesses in solving environmental problems through professional knowledge and experience.

Energy Saving

By managing various energy-consuming devices, we ensure the quality of equipment operation and establish an optimized energy management environment to effectively improve system efficiency and reduce operational costs for businesses.

Automatic Control

Through data acquisition and communication capabilities, we connect physical objects with virtual data for various controls, detections, identifications, and services.

Intelligent Wastewater Treatment Plant

From automation to intelligence. By collecting water quality and operational data through online instruments, forming a database, and further analyzing and computing the data, sewage treatment operations can be adjusted in real-time according to water quality changes, achieving the optimal state.

CWMS Water Quality Monitoring

We use a water quality data collection system and a web-based graphical control system to monitor and manage water quality.

Smart Buildings

We integrate environmental quality monitoring and energy-saving systems to establish energy-efficient and comfortable smart buildings.

Air Quality Monitoring

By deploying sensors to monitor air quality and collecting data for analysis, we provide more comprehensive monitoring and control services.

Energy Management

We establish micro-intelligent control boxes and replace centralized monitoring systems with distributed embedded air conditioning smart controllers (chillers, zone pumps, water towers). These controllers have high flexibility and IoT characteristics, automatically recognize each other.