About Us

Our company is dedicated to leveraging environmental Internet of Things (IoT) technology to promote environmentally friendly practices. We specialize in environmental sensing, pollution prevention, energy management, and energy-efficient technology development. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions that cater to the needs of our customers. We are committed to continuous service and innovation, upholding the principles of pragmatism, excellence, and pursuit of excellence. We strive to offer the most comprehensive solutions and fulfill our customers' needs.

01. Environmental Engineering Specialists

Our company is dedicated to establishing IoT environmental Internet of Things systems, with a focus on using scientific and engineering methods to improve the environment. Therefore, expertise in environmental engineering is particularly crucial.

02. Electrical Hardware Specialists

In addition to providing environmental monitoring, we are also committed to the research and development of a variety of environmental sensors, aiming to offer our customers an all-in-one service.

03. Artificial Intelligence Experts

In order to elevate advance development in IoT, our team also comprise experienced AI (Artificial Intelligence) experts who provide services in environmental monitoring and prediction. Their expertise allows us to deliver advanced solutions in this domain.

04. Software Engineering Specialists

Through the deployment of the environmental Internet of Things, we have a team of professional information engineering experts who specialize in organizing and analyzing big data. They enable us to provide more comprehensive predictive estimations and visualization based on the collected data.

Cooperate Philosophy

guiding principles for business operations

Anrich Environmental Technology was established in 2016. We adhere to the business philosophy of "Integrity First, Customer-Oriented," striving to understand our customers' needs thoroughly and provide effective solutions. 

Professional Service

We uphold the philosophy of knowledge sharing and industry advancement, assisting our customers in reducing production costs, shortening operational timelines, and improving product quality. Along With reasonable pricing, professional application of functionalities, and comprehensive solutions, we meet the market's demand for innovative and evolving products. We empower businesses to grasp the key factors for success in the new century.


Since our establishment, our company has been dedicated to serving clients and projects with a team of knowledgeable experts who possess a sincere attitude and passionate spirit. We wholeheartedly devote ourselves to delivering exceptional service, consistently striving for outstanding achievements in environmental protection initiatives across all regions.


Our company is committed to the research and development of various technologies within the environmental Internet of Things (IoT) domain. We provide end-to-end services, starting from sensor development and backend software development to comprehensive data application solutions. Our goal is to offer our customers the most comprehensive and customized services.

 Extensive Experience

Over the years, our company has committed extensively in the fields of developing water quality monitoring systems, establishing intelligent sewage plant technologies, setting up air sensors, and researching energy-saving technologies.

Success through refinement

Advancing Through Projects and Operations, we continuously enhance and expand our expertise, delivering up-to-date technology and services to our clients.
Based on the Internet of Things (IOT), our team is committed to environmental sensing, pollution prevention, energy management, and energy-saving technology development.
By establishing environmental sensor stations, including the development of sensors for air, water services, energy monitoring, and so on, we collect environmental data.
We specialize in connecting virtual and physical interfaces through cloud computing, the backend data platform presents real-time sensing values of the environment and applies intelligent analysis.
Our team specializes in incorporating big data analysis and developing intelligent applications.
By utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence) for prediction, and environmental control, we aim to elevate the field of environmental IoT to new heights.